New Beginnings

Posted by Janette Latta on

Hello Perfume Studio customers.

I am so happy to be taking on these wonderful products now that Katie and Adrian have retired from the perfume business. 

You may notice that some items are showing as out of stock on the website. Do not despair! I will be providing the full stock range, but as I am building up my stock I don't want you to have to wait a long time for your order. As I make product, I will bring them back into stock on the online store, so please be patient while I catch up, and check again after a week or so.

Once I have a healthy stock level, I will change the store to allow orders to go through even if I don't have all of your order, as I will be able to produce quickly. Right now I'm on a steep learning / catch up curve, but as of today, my workshop is up and running and I have produced my first product!

I am very much looking forward to providing you with the same products you have grown to love.

And I'll do a future blog introducing myself properly!