A belated welcome to 2024

Posted by Janette Latta on

Thank you all for your valued custom since I took over the Perfume Studio last October.

I actually started drafting this blog in January, and have no idea where the time went. Sorry I’ve been quiet for so long.
I thought I might take this opportunity to introduce myself. I live in Mellon Charles, not far at all from the old Perfumery, so the equipment and stock didn’t have far to travel. It is now installed in a log cabin beside my home, so my commute is a very short one.

Some of you may know me from when I worked in the Aroma café many years ago, which is where I discovered these products and found them to be really kind to my skin, yet having a lovely scent. I was so concerned that I wouldn’t be able to find an equivalent when the business closed that the idea of continuing the brand was born. I hope to take you all on the journey with me. The range I expect will remain pretty much as it is, no changes are planned in the immediate future. Definitely a case of don’t fix what isn’t broken.

The cabin is a lovely space to work in, and very cosy with the heater on and the Radio throwing out some tunes. The mixture of perfumes when you walk in the door is really quite something, and I think I now carry them around with me wherever I go! Luckily my dogs and cat don’t seem to mind, but to them it must be so powerful.

The image here is my very full log cabin, affectionately known as The Perfume Shedio

Today I was busy cutting some soap and shampoo bars while listening to the rain battering on the roof - they never end up being precise, but always over the minimum weight on the labels. Tonight, I’ll be wrapping while sipping a G&T

I do intend to reduce the plastics used, but I have been discovering that plastic is a very useful material and well suited to its job. To this end, I will be visiting a packaging trade fair later in the year to see what new materials and packaging options are out there. I hope to have a positive report when I get back.
The first change so far has been the introduction of new glass dropper bottles for the Beard Oil and Intensive Radiance Facial Treatment Oil. With bamboo trim on the lids, I think they look great gracing my bedside table. The plastic bottles are still available for now, so you can choose which you prefer.

I have an exciting partnership with a very good friend who makes beautiful hand made items. We hope to bring some special gift ideas to you soon. For a sneak preview have a look on her Robin and Wren facebook page https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100090864916970

It has been great to enjoy the lengthening days and to bid farewell to the worst of the cold wet weather (although this weekend seems to have reverted back towards Winter a bit!). The birds are singing and building their nests and the garden is starting to show signs of life. The heralds of the Spring and Summer to come. Definitely my favourite time of year.
I was inspired to order some vegetable and flowers seeds this week. I never seem to do very well with veg, but keep on trying. You never know, maybe this is the year.